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Ants / Ant Treatments

Professional Pest Control offer a professional and effective ant removal treatment  to kill your ants, in and around the Derby and Nottingham areas.

About Ants

There are a number of species of Ant common Ant in the UK. The most common Ant that invades homes is the Black Garden Ant. There are many other species of Ants, but of all of them can be eradicated and treated by Professional Pest Control.

Early in the spring if you see ants, you’d be best to deal with them early to stop the colony expanding and making the issue worse. If left until the summer you may experience flying ants which are the reproductive males and females. These mating ants are winged and swarm n flight during a few hot days in July or August. Mating takes place in the air and the female then seeks out a nest site where she stays for the winter, laying eggs. The following spring she wakes up to start up a new colony ready for the summer, hence its important you control your ants early to prevent bigger issues later down the line.

How to get rid of Ants

As a professional pest control company we only use ‘professional use’ insecticides in order to control your ant infestation.

We provide a number of different types of ant treatments from spraying to gel baiting. We can also provide a full organic ant treatment if this is a preference.

For a lot of our ant treatments we administer a gel based treatment. Our specialist gel products cause the worker ants to destroy their own nests. The workers are attracted to the gel and carry tit back to the larvae and queen, killing off the whole colony. Although this treatment can be expensive, and take a number of weeks to work, you can be assured that Professional Pest Control will solve your problem completely.

Having problems with ants?

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