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Beetles & Beetle Control

Professional Pest control provides professional, affordable and effective Beetle control treatments across Derby, Nottingham and surrounding towns and villages.

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Why you may need to control beetles

There are a variety of pest beetles you could need controlling, many of which can damaging your property or causing a health risk by spreading disease. Some of these Beetles include:

  • Carpet Beetles and Woolly Bears
  • Biscuit Beetles
  • Furniture Beetles (Woodworm)
  • Tobacco/Cigarette Beetles
  • Ground Beetles
  • And many more…

How to get rid of beetles

Professional Pest Control provides effective and affordable beetle control as many of these pest beetles can be extremely difficult to control and in most cases require a professional grade product and fully qualified pest control technician. Professional Pest Control is a local professional pest control company with fully qualified technicians and experience in all forms of beetle control.

If you’re not sure what beetle you have then don’t worry as we offer a free pest ID service and onsite survey so we can advise you on the right treatment method for your beetle pests.

Having problems with Beetles?

So if you have a Beetle problem and need beetle control then why not contact your local professional on 07379633722 or email