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Pest Birds – Pigeons & Gulls

Professional Pest Control can provide professional and effective bird control and proofing programmes for pest birds in Derby and Nottingham areas.pest birds control leicester


About Pest Birds

Pest Birds such as Pigeons and Gulls can dramatically effect businesses and home owners across the UK. They cause excessive noise and large amounts of mess from droppings, but also cause the spread dangerous diseases. Bird droppings cause’s stone work damage, unpleasant smells, and even erode paint and metal pipes – all of which can be expensive to correct. Nesting pest birds can by very aggressive and also cause your property to be infested by other insects such as mites, beetles and fleas to name a few.


How can we help to control birds?

There is no ‘one-sized fits all’ approach to bird control. Each building is different and therefore each one needs a different approach to bird control. Professional Pest Control will use a mixture of proofing and control techniques such as bird netting, spiking, gels, wires and deterrents to solve your bird problem. By choosing us, you’ll have the peace of mind that your bird problem will be resolved efficiently and effectively.


Having problems with pest birds?

So if you having problems with pest birds, then don’t let it get out of hand. Contact your local professional on 07379 63372 or email