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Mice / Mouse Control

Professional Pest Control offer a discreet and guaranteed removal/control of your mouse problem administered by a qualified and experience pest control technician.

Why we will control your Mice?

  • Mice have been known to spread diseases such as Salmonella and Listeria to us.
  • Mice can damage your property. They have been know to cause serious house fires by gnawing away electrical cables and gas pipes.
  • A mouse infestation could damage your business and reputation.

How to get rid of Mice

For any mouse problem, you should always contact a professional like Professional Pest Control. We are highly trained in mouse control and have access to a range of professional use products, which used properly will solve your issue effectively.

Professional Pest Control  use a mixture of control techniques from trapping and poison to proofing and environmental management.

It is important not to allow your mouse problem to grow. If you have a issue we would strongly advise you deal with it early as mice are highly mobile and have the ability to breed rapidly.

Having problems with Mice?

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