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Spiders & Spider Control

Professional Pest Control provides affordable and effective spider control treatments, specifically focusing on False Widow Spiders.

spider control

About False Widow spider control

Spiders in the UK aren’t particularly aggressive, but some can bite and invade homes – especially in the winter months. ProfessionalPest Control provide effective and affordable treatments for False Widow and other spiders. Lots of people fear spiders, and with the recent news stories about False Widow spiders infesting homes across the UK, it can be worth having your house treated with a professional residual insecticide for peace of mind.

Where spiders require controlling, we usually do this by physical collection and web destruction, which is then followed up by a residual insecticidal spray treatment in specific places within property.

Having problems with Spiders?

So if you have a problem with Spiders then why not contact your local professional on 07379 633722 or email