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Fleas & Flea treatments

Professional Pest Control provides a professional, effective and affordable flea treatments to control fleas across Derby, Nottingham and surrounding areas.

fleas and flea control

About Fleas

All Fleas are parasitic on warm-blooded animals. Fleas can live up to two years, during which time they can lay up to 1000 eggs. The eggs drop onto the floor and the animal’s bedding and after several days the eggs will develop into larvae and grow. When fully developed adults, they will wait until it detects the vibrations caused by a potential host. Only then does it emerge and start to bite.

Mainly active in communal rooms such as the living room or bedrooms where pets sleep and where there is most activity. Fleas are generally found in carpets and pet bedding. They feed on the blood of humans and animals, and can cause nasty bites.

How to get rid of fleas

Fleas can be difficult to control and if they aren’t dealt with effectively and professionally they can survive and spread at alarming rates. Our standard treatment for a Flea infested premises is an application of a residual insecticide. The professional products we use will sit within the area and continually act to kill fleas for a number of weeks. Therefore it is essential you do not vacuum or wash for at least 2 weeks (or longer if possible) or it will lead to a failed treatment.

Prior to an insecticide treatment, Professional Pest Control will request that you clear as much floor space as possible and vacuum the area thoroughly, to ensure that treatment is as thorough as possible.

Having problems with Fleas?

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