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Moths & Moth Control

Professional Pest Control provides professional, discreet and guaranteed moth control treatments to help protect your property from moths.

About Moths

There are many types of moth in the UK, but there are only a few that can cause damage to domestic items such as carpets, textiles and wool products. Most of the damage is actually caused by the feeding larvae and not the adult moths. If an infestation is not treated, a moth infestation can cause severe damage.

The adults do no damage when feeding as it is the larvae which hatch from the sticky eggs that eat wool, hair, fibres and fur  – with a preference for blankets, wool carpets, wool garments or upholstery.

How to get rid of moths

Professional Pest Control use a mixture of professional grade pest control products to gain control of a moth infestation. This is usually done by treating the adults with a ULV and Spray treatment, and treating the larvae separately. We also use some traps to monitor the problem and control  the infestation from growing.

Having problems with moths?

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