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Professional Pest Control are one of the few pest control companies providing a Bee control service. Administered safely and effectively by an experienced and qualified pest control technician.

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About Bees

There are different types of Bees in the UK. Some of which may cause some problems in properties and may require removing or treating. These include Tree Bees and Honeybees. Both of these Bees, can commonly establish nests in lofts, chimneys, parts of buildings, and may cause concern through apparent high level of activity.

It is a common misconception that all bees are protected and it is illegal to eradicate bees. This is not the case and if the bees can’t be removed and are causing a risk then in some circumstances you can use bee control.

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How to control bees

As an environmental and ethically friendly company we’d always recommend not to eradicate any bees if they aren’t causing a problem. However we understand this isn’t always possible. In some cases bees need to be moved or eradicated, especially if there are little children around. At first we’d recommend contacting a local beekeeper to try and move the bees to another location. Only if a bee keeper is either unable or unwilling to deal with your problem then you can consider a control programme.

The best for of bee control is by treating the nest directly. This should only ever be undertaken by a qualified, insured and professional pest controller. such as Professional

Having problems with Bees?

So if you have a bee problem and require bee control and professional advice, then contact us today on 07379633722 or email